• Firmly rooted in our values… We ensure quality and affordable healthcare
  • A wide reach… We have customers and patients all over the world
  • We ensure optimum quality and full-time availability

The Group

It all started in 1960 when Eugene and Theodora Spronken founded Spronken Orthopedie. Its aim was to meet the technical orthopaedic needs of the coal mine workers of the Limburg region in Belgium. The foundation of the organization was laid with the aim of achieving excellence in healthcare at affordable costs. The group continues to deliver such excellence day after day and aspires to extend its reach by offering care beyond boundaries.

Over the past decades, the organization has grown from strength to strength serving hundreds of thousands patients a year in many branches of the healthcare industry.

Passion to excel is what each company has in common. Our passion shows in our exceptional growth from the first manufacturing plant and store in 1960 to a group of international companies with over 400 employees.

Excellence in healthcare supplies and services

Our Essence

The Spronken Group strength is distinguished by working together to create long-term solutions based on fair terms that bring value to our customers, partners and to ourselves.

Our Group strives for excellence in healthcare supplies and services offering premium products, professional service, tailored personal care, and pleasant ambience to meet the requirements of our customers, patients and staff.

With enthusiasm we reach our goals

Our Fundamentals

We focus on our fundamentals and ensure good balance between them.

Customer Value

We offer added value to our customers by understanding people’s needs and by developing solutions that improve quality of life.

Our Values

We enjoy what we we do, and with enthusiasm we reach our goals

  • We are committed to strive for excellence on a daily basis.
  • We treat customers, patients and employees with respect, integrity and honesty
  • We demonstrate responsibility, accountably and fair trade.
  • We strive for continuous improvement in ever evolving healthcare market
  • Our companies are highly customer centric
  • Innovation & New product development
  • Expansion of our products and services 


Profitability gives us financial strength and stability that allow us to plan and act with a long-term perspective.

With a committed team we carry our mission forward

Our Mission

  • Hold firmly to the human and ethical values ensuring quality healthcare delivery.
  • Become the preferred provider of comprehensive healthcare products and services at an affordable cost.
  • Achieve yearly growth harnessing the necessary human, technological, and financial resources.
  • Family values and being the employer of choice nurturing a committed team to carry forward the mission.