Quality Production is an outsourcing partner for orthotics and prosthetics, a Spronken founded company, manufacturing orthopedic, bespoke, made-to-measure orthotics and prosthetics in Belgium.

  • Area of business: Manufacturer bespoke othotics and prosthetics
  • Founded in 1960
  • Area of business: Custom made orthopaedic device manufacturing

Fully accredited: ISO 13485 certified

The  6000 m² - ISO13485 quality certified - manufacturing facility meets the highest standards of orthotic and prosthetic bespoke device making in Europe. 

​We guarantee ISO 13485 quality and MDI compliance. This accreditation gives your clients the complete confidence that the manufacturing of the orthopedic devices have been independently evaluated for competence and performance capabilities. Proof of MDR and quality management of suppliers is a requirement of hospitals and health care centres who pride themselves with JCI, NIAZ, KIWA or other quality of care label. 

Preferred outsourcing partner

Over the past 60 years, Quality Production has grown into one of the most innovative companies in the field of manufacturing of made-to-measure, bespoke orthotics and prosthetics, on doctors prescription. We manufacture for larger and smaller companies who prefer outsourcing the manufacturing of their custom made orthopedic devices. 

Skilled work force

Today, Quality Production, counts over 45 highly skilled orthotic and prothetic technicians and orthopedic engineers working towards the highest and innovative standards. 3D measurement taking and 3D printing are fully integrated in the manufacturing process of insoles, AFOs, KAFOs, hand orthoses and orthopedic shoes. 

Innovator modern orthotic and prosthetic solutions

We strive to transform traditional orthopaedic devices to the next level, by bringing new techniques, modern engineering, digital design, 3D printing and orthopaedic craftsmanship together.

Cost-effectiveness using state-of the art components

Costs of the orthotic and prosthetic devices are calculated accordingly to the complexity of production and growth adjustments.

Your 3D or plaster cast model will be rectified digitally or manually by yourself of by us. After this the manufacturing process starts immediately.  Each process flow will have stringent quality checks in place to ensure each orthopaedic medical device is unique and manufactured to ISO 13485 quality standards, having its own passport to ensure MDI traceability.

Smart technology

Connecting, inspiring and informing different sectors in the field of digitization and robotization. We work closely together with Spronken Orthopedie in Belgium and the Netherlands, and with technological universities. We bring companies, scientists and healthcare professionals into contact with each other, to exchange new innovative ideas and techniques.

Pioneer in pediatric orthosis

Quality Production is a pioneer in taking orthotics for children to the next level.  We strive for perfection through high quality standards, transparency, reproducibility, sustainability and documentation in manufacturing of assistive paediatric devices. We work closely together with renowned and famous rehab experts worldwide.

Amazing digitalisation

Cloud computing enables us to collect and send measurements and data directly to our workplace. The has helped us to improve on traditional orthopaedic device making.

  • Faster start of manufacturing process, faster delivery to the patient.
  • More accurate measurement taking with optical scanners
  • 3D printing and robotic milling works
  • Saving files for reworks and scientific studies

Making clients happy

You submit, we take care of the rest:

  • Measurements ; plaster cast, foam, 3D scan
  • Special request specifications: colour, print, hinges, knee, foot, etc.
  • An order/prescription from the physician/healthcare provider responsible for the patient’s care that states the purpose of the orthosis
  • Documentation needs to clearly address the need of a CUSTOM orthotic

Our aim is to find the best solution for every patient and to make our CPO clients free from manufacturing issues. 

Head Office

General Manager 

Mr. Jean-Pierre Willems

Business Development Manager 

Mr. Stijn Langenaken

Email: Mr. Stijn Langenaken 

Transportlaan 9A - 3600 Genk - Belgium

Tel: +32 89 355 555

www.qualityproduction.be  info@qualityproduction.be