Originally founded in 1978, Kinetec is an incorporation in the Spronken Group since 2012. The factory focuses on manufacturing CPM & rehabilitation equipment. Kinetec has a global distribution network.

A French team, of skilled craftsmen and engineers, develop and manufacture to the highest quality standard. We manufacture Continuous Passive Motion equipment, Orthopaedic Traction Frames, Manoplint, Orthopaedic supports and Medical Footware.

Kinetec™ moved into their brand-new factory in Tournes – France, in 2013 and US distribution centre in Jackson, WI – USA in 2014.

  • Area of business: CPM & rehabilitation equipment manufacturer
  • Founded in 1978
  • Area of business: Physiotherapy | Orthopaedic Technology

Focus on innovation

Kinetec continue their growth plans by looking to bring new, innovative products to the market in a range of therapy areas including orthotics, cold therapy and innovation CPM developments.

In Spring 2018, Kinetec UK launch the innovative, new CPM - Kinetec Kompanion™. Based around the chassis of the market leading Kinetec Spectra™ knee CPM, Kinetec have changed the face of CPM therapy controls and management. By utilising a 'tablet' interface and new software, the CPM is controlled more easily and intuitively by the patient and clinician. In addition, the new control software has enabled the user to have more options for movement including a 'spring' mode, an extremity focus mode, an evaluation mode and a dynamic stretch mode.

Head Office

President: Mrs. Marly-Ann Spronken

CEO: Mr. Bob Donaldson

Business Development Director: Mr. Jeremy Carrasco

International Business Development Manager: Mr. Miquel Ramirez

Kinetec Europe HQ

Zone Industrielle de Tournes rue Maurice Périn - 08090 Tournes, France
Tel.: +33 3 24298505 - Fax: +33 3 24335105 -


Kinetec  USA HQ
W225N16708 Cedar Park Ct - Jackson, WI 53037 - USA
Tel. : 262-677-1248 - Fax: 262-677-1314