• Area of business: orthotics, prosthetics, mobility, rehab equipment
  • Founded in 1960
  • Area of business: Orthopaedic Technology

Spronken Orthopedie is a NEN-EN-ISO 13485 certified supplier of orthopedic devices. Over the past 60 years, it has grown into one of the largest companies in the field of orthotics, prosthetics, mobility and state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment in Europe.

More than 300 orthopedic service centers 

Today, Spronken Orthopedie employs over 150 highly skilled people. We cater to medical doctors, hospitals nursing homes, care centres, rehab facilities, as well as to the individual patient in the BeNeLux and France.

Preferred care partner 

Spronken Orthopedie is working closely with medical professionals and physiotherapists to develop innovative products, to find the best solution for every patient.

ISO 13485 quality and MDI compliance

This accreditation gives your health care department the complete confidence of an independently evaluated care partner. Proof of quality management of suppliers is a requirement for hospitals and health care centres who pride themselves with JCI, NIAZ, KIWA or other quality of care label.

Training Centre for health care professionals 

Spronken Orthopedie is always at the forefront of providing the best in patient care. For this, we have created the Spronken Academy for ongoing education and to reinforce the knowledge to help our clinicians and our partners to provide outstanding patient care.

Pediatric Orthotics

We are proud of our innovative orthotics for children, making sure the little ones receive individual attention and high quality care from infancy to adulthood.

Head Office

General Manager - BeNeLux & France 

Caius Spronken

HQ Europe: Transportlaan 9 - 3600 Genk - Belgium

Tel: +32 89 500 500 - www.spronken.com