Neofrakt® is a brand name of Spronken Orthopedie since 1978. Neofrakt is the world famous, splint which is self-moulding and can be taken off and put on again. It has the additional advantage that it can be worn repeatedly without having to apply it again.

Neofrakt is known for its excellent quality and the provided service to surgeons, emergency rooms, orthopaedic technicians, plaster rooms, nurses, physiotherapists and patients.

Neofrakt is distributed worldwide.

  • Orthopaedics, Emergency and Plaster room equipment manufacturer
  • Founded in 1978
  • Area of business: Orthopaedic | Splint Technology
  • ISO13485 certified quality medical devices. MDR conform.

Enhancing lives

Neofrakt® has been recognized as an industry leader in immediate fitting bracing technology. With over 42 years of research driven design, Neofrakt® is committed to keep on making a difference to patients and to medical professionals globally.

We love the new Neofrakt splints!

Over the years thousands of patients and medical professionals have loved Neofrakt because it is: 


Neofrakt splints, braces and corsets are extremely light, while still being strong and durable.

Self-modelling- Perfect fit

Neofrakt is applied in a soft form and hardens around the body. It is easy to process. Due to the property of the polyurethane core, extra padding is almost not necessary. 

Simple, fast and safe application technique

The 2 components polyurethane core is CE conform and MDR compliant.   

Fully X-ray transparent

X-rays can easily pass through.

Moisture resistant

Neofrakt is resistant to body fluids, disinfection products and skin creams; thanks to its microbial resistance properties.


Generally, braces and corsets have to be worn from 6 weeks to 3 months. There are some cases when braces need to stay on longer. Neofrakt has a life span of approx. 6 months.


Neofrakt splints, braces and corsets can be taken off and put on again. Neofrakt can be removed to enable the patient to wash, dry and moisturize the skin to prevent itching and skin irritation.

Pure Cotton

Neofrakt with 100% fine cotton has many advantages, such as its ability to control moisture and to insulate. Cotton is comfortable to wear, hypoallergenic and it is weatherproof. Cotton is a durable natural fabric, gentle to the skin.


Neofrakt cotton is coated with an antimicrobial enzymatically generated bio adhesive. Antimicrobial textiles reject germs, eliminate bacterial odours. It Inhibits bacterial growth, is anti-fungus and anti-algae growth.


Neofrakt can be moulded and adjusted to allow for changes in swelling and dressings, or just for comfort.  


Neofrakt is waterproof and can be worn to shower and to swim.


Neofrakt can be removed and washed in lukewarm, soapy water, then dried and replaced on your arm.

Cost effective

Yes, a Neofrakt will cost more than a plaster or IMF cast, but the advanced innovative technology and ease of use makes it its worth.

Are you a distributor, please contact our export department. We will gladly keep you informed. 

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