• Spronken leaves SproFit

SproFit, wholesale company for distribution of orthopaedic and rehab products in Belgium and the Netherlands, founded by Spronken in 1999.

Spronken leaves SproFit.

The SproFit name will be phased out by the end of 2023.

June, 5th 2023 - Interview with Marly-Ann Spronken, President | Chair Spronken & Medfac Group

When Asked about the changes, Marly-Ann Spronken, the Chairperson of Spronken Group, Medfac Group and outgoing shareholder of SproFit stated:

Why did you make this decision?

The Spronken family business has existed in the Benelux for more than 60 years, SproFit has been part of that group for the last few years, but I felt that now was the right time to simplify our structure. We will integrate the distribution activity of orthopaedic and rehab supplies into our own, larger, group structure, as we are convinced that this will result in a simplified system with economies of scale, better availability for the customer and therefore a stronger growth.

Medfac Group and Spronken Group offer a large selection of products and services and have demonstrated their ability to grow quickly and adapt to changes in the market.
In addition, both Spronken and Medfac Group comply with the ISO 13485 quality standard, a certification specifically aimed at medical devices and surgical implants. This enables us to distribute and manufacture medical devices, as well as to focus on research and development. This significantly increases the possibilities for our customers and their patients.

Our BeNeLux team is expanding and will become part of our larger European division.

How will this impact the market?

Our customers will benefit from having direct contact with the technical teams within our own companies. We have over 500 employees across both groups, including over 40 people in direct sales/marketing and product management, a further 200 orthopedic technicians in the BeNeLux and UK, broad customer care teams, fully automated warehouses and 7 leading manufacturing sites.
We believe this scale gives us the opportunity to provide exceptional service and product benefits to, among others, the Benelux market. Our established and growing presence will give customers greater, direct access to our products. At Spronken we have a very strong history of very successful cooperation with suppliers and partners, and we aim to continue that.

How will the SproFit staff be impacted by this decision?

The team members within SproFit are very important to us. Most will have the opportunity to join us, within the Spronken or Medfac group. Many of the staff within SproFit originally started at Spronken and still work daily with the Spronken team in Genk.
Our family business of more than 60 years has been built on the strength and loyalty of our employees, and we have no intention of changing that successful formula. We aim to continue this relationship within Spronken, where possible.

Why Now?

All businesses faced a unique set of challenges and obstacles following the Covid-19 pandemic. The companies within Medfac and Spronken Group have come back very strongly. That is why I thought this was an appropriate time to consolidate some activities in the Benelux. Our customers will benefit from this.
This consolidation enables our customers in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg to benefit from the efficiency and economies of scale of the other companies within the group.
Will there be changes in the product range?
It is our intention to expand the product range. We will take all possible steps to ensure that the known products remain available to our customers. It is worth remembering that most SproFit customers were already Spronken customers, and have been for many years.

Will there be any product changes?

It is our intention to expand the product range. We will take all possible steps to ensure that the known products remain available to our customers. It is worth remembering that most SproFit customers were already Spronken customers, and have been for many years.

You mention Medfac, who are they?

Medfac Bvba is a Belgian holding company for a group of companies with facilities and activities in Belgium, France, England, Germany and the United States. Our group of companies focuses on designing, manufacturing and supplying a portfolio of orthopedic and rehabilitation products.
Medfac began as a partnership between my late brother Leon and Bob Donaldson and is now primarily a partnership between the Spronken and Donaldson families. The success of this group is impressive with a healthy portfolio of brands including Kinetec®️, x-Lite®️, Manosplint®️, Dr Aktive®️ and Halo™️. Along with successful distribution partnerships including Medenvision®️, Pulman™️. Trading internationally as Kinetec, this group has successful distribution in over 90 countries and is recognized worldwide.
Medfac has a deep-rooted commitment to service, the environment and technology. In February we added our latest Factory based in Liege, where we manufacture the world leading X-lite product. This product and variants of it are used extensively in splinting and casting. Uniquely Biodegradable, breathable and light, we see huge opportunities for the Benelux customers.

What are your next Steps?

Spronken are fully committed to providing the best-in-class products and services to all customers of the Benelux, and we firmly believe the cessation of the SproFit business name as previously structured and the focus on direct supply of products via Spronken and Medfac Groups, will enhance the experience for all the customers, producing benefits and value. As almost all customers are already Spronken customers we would envisage the transitions being simple and timely. It is our intention to continue to invest in the fast expansion of our business in the Benelux and we look forward to sharing the benefits of that with our customers.

Head Office

Former co-Manager and shareholder of Sprofit   

Mrs. Marly-Ann Spronken

The SPROFIT name will cease to exist by the end of 2023